Foam Rollers for Back Pain Relief

An increasingly popular fitness tool, Exercise and Therapy Foam Rollers are lightweight, cylindrical pieces of dense foam, but don’t let their resemblance to pool noodles fool you. They’re used as a simple, yet highly effective self-massage technique that offer many of the same benefits as a traditional deep-tissue massage without the steep price tag. Foam rolling works based on self-myofascial release. Fascia is a fibrous, connective tissue that binds your muscles, bones, nerves and joints. Over time or after injuries, your fascia form soft tissue adhesions, which can cause trigger points and tightness. The best way to attack these tight knots is direct pressure. Amassage therapist can apply the right amount of pressure to relieve these knots but a foam roller is the next best alternative. It’s always available and one purchase covers all sessions!

You can use foam rollers before and after exercise or whenever necessary. Simply position the area or tender spot you’d like to massage on the foam roller, and let your body weight do all the work by rolling back and forth while using arms or legs to support the body.

Foam rolling should be an important part of your day, whether you’re a serious athlete or a physical therapy patient.

If you’re wondering whether you stand to benefit from foam rollers, they help with the following:

  • Pain relief: Foam rollers work to release myofascia adhesions that cause muscle pain and soreness.
  • Flexibility: Stretching and massaging will improve the flexibility of surrounding lower back muscles, reducing lower back pain. Flexibility also increases your range of motion, ensuring good posture, balance and normal movement.
  • Prevention of further injury: Tight muscles can lead to injuries during exercise or other physical activities. By massaging away fascia buildup, foam rollers prevent your muscles from becoming injury trigger points
  • Stress relief: Applying pressure on knots releases built-up tension and helps loosen your muscles. If you’ve been sitting all day at the office or are stressed, foam roll the tension away.

Our Exercise and Therapy Foam Rollers come in five sizes, including full and half round shapes. Versatile, affordable, and easy-to-use, they’re one of our most popular products. See for yourself why foam rollers have become one of the most widely used therapeutic and conditioning products on the market.

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