In The Midst of Disaster, A Good Night’s Sleep

Think about how great it feels to curl up in bed after a long day.

Now imagine the same experience if your mattress was removed and replaced with rocky soil, a muddy road, or a concrete slab.

In the aftermath of a disaster, that’s exactly where many people find themselves. This means that on top of facing extreme physical challenges, they also suffer from the lack of nature’s most restorative activity: sleep. The effects of this can include increased stress hormones, decreased immune function, and mental and emotional instability.

WorldBed was founded in response to this core human need. Based on efforts after Hurricane Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti, the WorldBed humanitarian initiative and its partners have provided more than 11,000 people with a better night’s sleep through portable, waterproof Emergency Field Beds. The organization’s long term goal is to deliver 200,000 WorldBeds to those devastated by disasters.

If the WorldBed mission speaks to you as it does us, consider supporting their efforts at Also, when you make select purchases, Relax The Back will give a financial donation or provide a field bed for disaster relief efforts. Find out more about the products here.



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