National Physical Therapy Month: #AgeWell

physical therapy

Each October, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) commemorates National Physical Therapy Month to recognize physical therapist assistants and physical therapists who help restore and improve motion in people’s lives. Physical therapists can also help with arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, stroke, sprains, and much more.

This October, the #AgeWell campaign focuses on healthy aging and the different ways physical therapists can help individuals gain and maintain movement, overcome pain, and preserve their independence. The APTA will also highlight the different actions adults can take to prevent or delay many conditions and health issues associated with aging.

If you’re wondering if seeing a physical therapist is right for you, we’ve gathered a few reasons why it’s a good option:

  • Physical therapists can improve mobility and motion by creating personalized treatment plans to help reduce the risk of injury, prevent falls, and improve one’s balance.
  • Specific exercises based on your injury, no matter which part of your body is injured, can help you manage pain and discomfort, without expensive medications or invasive methods.
  • Research has shown that physical therapy, combined with comprehensive medical management, can be just as effective as surgery when it comes to relieving stiffness and moderate to severe pain from back, neck, and knee injuries.
  • In addition to helping with illness and injuries, a physical therapist can create a plan based on your specific fitness goals to help restore health and wellness, as well as prevent injuries.

Follow along all month long as we provide more tips and information on aging well with the help of physical therapists. Find more information on physical therapy at  The American Physical Therapy Association also makes it easy to find a physical therapist in your area.

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