Heat-Beating Tips to Stay Cool While You Sleep

Summer is here, bringing with it long, sunny days – and potentially sleepless nights. Falling asleep can be difficult when temperatures climb, especially if you’re facing weak air conditioning or none at all. Here are some simple, inexpensive things you can do to cool down and catch some shut-eye.

Focus on the head, neck and feet. These areas can have significant impact in bringing down the overall temperature of your skin and body. Simple options for keeping them comfortable include using damp towels under the neck or on the forehead, wearing chilled socks, or using a compress like the Koolpress. Do not apply ice directly for prolonged periods.

Get a cooling pad or pillow. Even in the hottest environments, having a cool place to lay your head can make it easier to fall asleep. Of the many types of cooling devices on the market, we recommend the popular ChillowPLUS or Mini Chillow pillows, and the ChiliPad mattress pad with temperature controls.

Try the “Egyptian Method.” Using a technique that dates back to ancient Egypt, simply soak a thin sheet or blanket in cold water, then wring it out until it is damp but not dripping wet. While lying on a dry sheet, use this damp layer as a long-lasting cooling blanket.

Cool down before heading to bed. Take a shower or bath and do not dry your skin before heading to bed, allowing you to drift off to sleep in comfort while you dry. If a shower or bath is not an option, rinse your face, wrists and feet under cold water. Alternatively, use a spray bottle of equal parts water and rubbing alcohol to spritz your body when it feels overheated.

If you don’t have air conditioning, fake it. If a lack of adequate air conditioning is the issue, begin my opening windows that will allow for a cross breeze. Then try filling a large shallow container with ice and placing it at bed level between you and a fan. The ice-cooled air should bring relief in no time.

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