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5 Zones of Total Body Wellness

5 Zones of Total Body Wellness

Your whole body is one system that works together to maintain your health. When a single part, or zone, of that system starts to break down due to pain or disease, it can throw your whole body, including your physical, mental and emotional health, out of whack.

Each zone of your body is connected. When one zone of your body is unwell, another zone has to change how it works to try to compensate. The healthy zone can quickly become overworked and must rely on yet another zone to pick up the slack. Over time, a small problem like pain in your feet can end up causing problems in your entire body.

Knowing Your 5 Wellness Zones

Because each zone of your body is connected, you need to care for your whole body from your toes to your nose to maintain total body wellness.

Pay attention to these 5 zones of your body to maintain your wellbeing and feel great.

1. Feet

Foot pain is a common problem for Americans with nearly 8 out of 10 people experiencing this health problem at some point in their lives.

Your feet are the base of your body. They provide the foundation for your entire posture, from your knees all the way up to your shoulders and neck. When your feet are in pain, they can end up causing issues in many others areas of your body.

For example, if you avoid pressure on your feet because they are in pain, you may hold your legs in awkward positions as you stand or walk. These positions can strain your knees and hips as they are pulled out of their natural alignment.

Foot pain can also limit your activity, preventing you from exercising or participating in hobbies you love. Your entire wellbeing is connected—a little foot pain can go a long way in hurting your wellness and quality of life.

You can avoid foot pain by ensuring you have chosen the right shoes to support your feet, especially your arches. You can also do exercises to stretch out and strengthen your feet, such as pointing your toes or doing heel raises. Many people find foot pain relief by rolling a ball under their foot to stretch out the fascia (connective tissue) on the bottom of the foot.

You can also seek out a variety of foot care products to relieve foot pain:

By taking care of your feet, you can keep up with the activities you love and lead an overall healthier life.

2. Hips and Knees

Hips and knees are common spots for serious ailments like arthritis, fractures, pinched nerves or even muscle tears. These problems can have huge impacts on your mobility. Without healthy knees and hips, you may find yourself sitting around more often instead of up and doing the things you love. Becoming more stationary could lead to further issues like back pain from sitting too long or in the wrong position.

Regular, moderate exercise is vital for maintaining healthy hips and knees. Hip pain exercise can be as simple as going for a walk. Resistance exercise can also strengthen the muscles around your hips and knees, making injury less likely. By doing knee strengthening exercises like squats and lunges, with or without weights, you can help your legs become stable and strong. You may experience less pain and fatigue in your leg joints as a result of exercise.

In addition to exercise, maintaining a healthy weight helps protect your knees, which bear all of your weight in a small space. A lower weight puts less pressure and strain on your knee joints over time.

You can also seek out products designed to relieve hip and knee pain or strengthen these joints:

The combination of regular, moderate exercise and using these products should provide pain relief and even prevent problems in the future.

3. Shoulders

Your shoulders are strong, flexible joints, making shoulder pain and problems rarer than problems in the other zones. However, if you have a job or play a sport that requires repetitive shoulder motions, you are at higher risk of a shoulder injury. Common shoulder injuries include bursitis, tendinitis, shoulder instability or even tendon tears.

Shoulder injuries can make your shoulder stiff, painful and weak, preventing you from raising your arms above a certain level. To reach up high, you may have to overextend your back, putting extra pressure on the muscles and tendons in your lower back. Over time, both connected zones—your shoulders and your back—could end up injured.

Overuse causes many shoulder injuries, so give your shoulders a break when you can. You should also frequently stretch out your shoulders by lifting your bent arms overhead and pulling gently on your elbows one at a time. You can also stretch by bringing your arms behind your back, gripping your hands together, and then bending over while bringing your arms upward. Hold each stretch for 10 to 15 seconds. Performing these shoulder exercises to stretch muscles and improve posture will help prevent injury and stiffness.

You can relieve inflammation and pain in your shoulders by using products designed to improve joint health:

Combined with rest, stretching and pain relievers, these products can help you regain motion in your shoulders.

4. Back

Chronic lower back pain affects millions of Americans every year, even keeping them out of work.

Your back is connected to every part of your body, involved in every movement you make whether it’s walking or simply rolling over in bed. Back pain can even radiate down into the hips and thighs or up into your head and neck. When you experience back problems like muscle strain, herniated discs, arthritis or osteoporosis, your total body wellness suffers.

A strong core, including stronger back and abdominal muscles, is key to avoiding back injuries. You can strengthen your core through planks, crunches and other ab exercises. Back exercises that target affected muscles groups can also help you improve your posture. Practicing good posture is an easy way to strengthen your core every day, a little at a time. When you do experience back pain, stretching out your back using a foam roller or exercises can help relieve pain

Because back pain is so common, there are many products on the market that can help you find relief. You can improve your back health by using these items:

Remember that strengthening your back and practicing good posture will also help you avoid future injuries.

5. Neck

Neck pain has become more common as more Americans work desk jobs that require them to look at a computer or smartphone each day. Holding the neck in the same position or out of alignment with the rest of the spine can contribute to neck problems. Other causes of neck problems include injury, arthritis or degenerative disk disease.

Like back pain, neck pain can radiate up into your head. Many headaches are actually caused by problems that start in the upper back or neck.

Neck pain exercises strengthen neck muscles and help prevent chronic discomfort and resulting conditions. The combination of neck pain exercises and practicing good posture is key to avoiding neck pain long-term. You can promote good posture at work or home by raising your computer to eye level so you don’t have to bend your neck to see your screen. You should also take breaks from having your neck bent and practice neck pain stretches like rolling your shoulders, bringing your ear to your shoulder or putting your chin on your chest then slowly looking upward.

If neck pain is a frequent problem for you, invest in products designed to support neck health:

These products and simple changes to your workspace can make all the difference in healing neck pain.

Achieve and Maintain Total Body Wellness

Every zone of your body needs care and attention. By understanding the zones of your body and how they are connected, you can pinpoint the real causes of pain and discomfort and find the wellness solutions you need.

When you manage to care for each zone, you’ll experience total body wellness that boosts your quality of life and supports your long-term health.


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6 Exercises For A Healthier Back

Exercise plays an important role in keeping your body and mind healthy. Targeting specific muscles groups such as your back and core can help strengthen these muscles to protect your spine. Restful nights, rejuvenated days, refreshed mornings are some of the positive benefits of a healthier back and taking time for self-care.

There are simple ways to maintain a healthy back and counter the strain of sitting at the office and during our commutes. These exercises and stretches focus on promoting spinal health, increased flexibility, and improving overall wellness.

Exercise Benefits For A Healthier Back

  • Cat-Cow Variation: Relieve tension in the spine while reducing stiffness in the back and hips. Do 6-10 reps.
  • Bird-Dog: Improve balance and strengthen your core. Do 6-10 reps.
  • Child’s Pose: This restorative yoga position promotes a neutral spine. Stretch out along your side-body, relax tension in your shoulders and neck, and relieve pressure along your spine. Hold for 10-30 seconds.
  • Plank: This move works your entire body but the biggest benefit comes from strengthening your core and back muscles. Hold for 10-30 seconds.
  • Bridge: Stretch and strengthen muscles in your lower back, quads, hips, and abs. Do 6-10 reps.
  • Supine Knee-Twist: Stretch your spine and back muscles and open tight shoulders. Sink into this position a little more with each exhale to relax at the end of this exercise series. Hold each side for 10-30 seconds.

For more information on how to improve your overall back health, make sure to visit your local Relax The Back store. Our trained specialists will work with you one-on-one to find a product or solution that works best for your specific needs.

How Do You Exercise & Relax: Optimal Solutions For Your Overall Wellness

Finding time to exercise and relax during our hectic schedules can be difficult. These both play an important role in staying healthy and pain-free.

Exercise doesn’t necessarily mean hours spent at a gym. By adding simple exercises up to 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week, you’ll relax away stiffness and relieve stress. When we carve out time to work on ourselves, we improve our mood, sleep quality, brainpower, and overall happiness. We also help keep pain away before it starts by strengthening and conditioning muscles that are prone to injury.

Paired with regular exercises, relaxation through massage can improve your health. Studies show treating yourself to regular massages can have a tremendously positive impact on your overall wellness. Whether you are incorporating massage into time at the office, while on the road, or at home, you’ll ease tension and find relief throughout the day.

The products below can help you upgrade your exercise routine and your relaxation regimen.

Exercise Products For Improved Health

  • Inversion Tables: Decompress your spine while improving posture and increasing flexibility and circulation. Inversion tables also help with sciatica relief.
  • Foam Rollers: Our versatile foam rollers help improve flexibility, range of motion, while relieving muscle tightness. They are also an effective and inexpensive way to gain the health benefits of massage.
  • CoreStretch: Feel stress dissipate as you deeply stretch, elongating your back muscles. Safely stretch your shoulders, hips, and leg muscles as well.
  • InLine Traction Control System: Stay comfortable while gently stretching your whole body, from your neck down to the back of your legs.

Massage Products For Ultimate Relaxation

  • Massage Chairs: From traditional style to Shiatsu massages, massage chairs reduce tension headaches, increase blood flow, help you manage and reduce chronic pain, improve sleep quality, and much more.
  • Theracane: Self-massage tools like the Theracane allow you to find relief from muscle tension, soreness, and pain, on the go.
  • Foot Massager: Tired feet deserve relief. Foot massagers provide custom massages by allowing you to specify settings.
  • Massage Cushions: Ideal for in the office or during long commutes, massage cushions release tense muscles during a soothing back or neck massage.

Visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with a trained specialist and try out our exercise and massage products. Through one-on-one support, our team will help you find the product solution to ensure you have the exercise and massage solutions that fit your specific lifestyle. Follow our 24-hour approach to comfort and wellness on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest for more tools to achieve ‘round the clock personalized relief.

6 Common Back Pain Myths

6 Common Back Pain Myths

Did you know 31 million Americans experience back pain at any given time? There is a wealth of knowledge and information online regarding back pain however, finding the correct information isn’t always easy.

Below we are debunking a few of the most common back pain myths.

MYTH #1 Bed rest is the best solution until the pain goes away

TRUTH: Although resting for a day or two after an injury is expected, longer periods of bed rest can actually cause more damage to your back. Inactivity weakens the muscles and slows down your recovery time. Simple, gentle exercises for a few minutes a day will help keep your muscles actively engaged. Speak with your doctor or physical therapist to see what exercises you can perform.

MYTH #2 I work out regularly, I won’t get back pain

TRUTH: While physically active people are less likely to deal with back pain and discomfort than those who have a more sedentary lifestyle, they are not risk free. Back pain can affect all people regardless of how active they are. Sports like volleyball and golf are more likely to cause pain. Be sure to include conditioning and strengthening exercises for your back and abdominal muscles to prevent pain and injury.

MYTH #3 All back pain requires professional treatment

TRUTH: While there are many causes for back pain, there are also a variety of possible solutions to relieve pain. Studies have shown that stretching, yoga, and spine-friendly furniture, such as ergonomic chairs for the office and home and well-fitted mattresses and pillows, can provide the same amount of relief as medications.

MYTH #4 Surgery is the only option for long-term relief

TRUTH: Most back related pain can be treated with non-operative methods. Physical therapy and activity modification have proven to be incredibly successful in helping patients find relief and prevent pain in the future. Fitness and therapy products like the Mastercare Back-A-Traction Inversion Table or lumbar extenders have also provide lasting relief to customers. Spine surgery is a risky procedure and oftentimes, patients are overprescribed medication for simple back pain.

MYTH #5 Exercise is bad for your back

TRUTH: One of the most effective forms of back pain prevention and treatment is exercise. By strengthening the abdominal and back muscles, your spine is protected, lowering the risk of pain or injury – especially in the lower back. If starting a new routine, begin with gentle exercises that are low impact. As always, consult your physical before starting a new workout or stretch program.

MYTH #6 Back pain is unavoidable as I age

TRUTH: Back pain may be more prevalent with age however, there are ways to reduce the risk by looking at the common causes. Studies have found a number of causes that lead to age-related back pain. Inactivity, smoking, being overweight, high stress, inadequate sleep, and poor posture can all lead to major pain problems in the long run. By addressing these risks early on, you can prevent back pain and discomfort as you get older.

While many people may suffer from back pain, no two people will have the same experience with pain or recovery. At Relax The Back, we understand back pain can affect people differently. When you visit our stores, our trained specialists will work with you to determine what is causing you the most pain and product solutions to provide the most relief. Personalized comfort, personalized relief. Find a Relax The Back location near you and say goodbye to back pain.

Exercises for Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain may not be the most common spinal disorder but when it occurs it can still cause substantial pain and discomfort.  This pain can be caused through strain, poor posture, or sudden injury. Most complaints come from those who work at computers most of the day. Whatever the cause of pain, doing exercises such as these can help ease and prevent pain and discomfort:

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more pain relief tips or visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with one of our trained associates who can offer recommendations tailored to your physical needs and abilities.