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How Exercise Makes Us Happy

Ten percent of Americans suffer from depression with the numbers to rise drastically by 2020. Hectic, high-stress lifestyles and difficulty finding the proper work-life balance contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety.

Maintaining a workout routine, as well as a healthy diet, can affect your mood greatly. While therapy and antidepressants can help, the American Psychiatric Association recommends exercise as a form of treatment. Exercise is proven to be effective alone or when combined with standard treatment options.

There are plenty of simple and easy exercises that you can do on a daily basis without causing too much strain on your neck and back. If you’re looking to increase strength, balance, or muscle tone, Relax The Back has a wide variety of fitness therapy products to help you get on the right track. One of these products is our therapy foam roller, which enhances balance, body awareness, neural and muscular flexibility, dynamic strengthening, and even assists with muscle re-education.

To learn more about how the benefits of daily exercise, this helpful infographic from Cleveland Clinic dives into how exercises affect our mood and details the reasons why you should find an activity you truly enjoy to help keep you active and healthy.

How Exercise Can Make You Happy

How To Be Happy & Healthy At Work

How To Be Happy & Healthy At Work

Staying healthy at work can be difficult at times. From workstation setup, to flexibility in the office, to relieving stress, there are many factors that can determine health and happiness at the office.

Whether you are using a sitting desk or a standing desk, staying in one position for extended periods of time can be detrimental to your overall health and productivity. Workers suffering from ergonomic-related injuries typically need more time off of the job to recover than other workplace illnesses or injuries. Poor ergonomics is costly to both the employee and the employer. Good posture and proper ergonomics can help reduce injuries and increase energy and productivity levels.

Making time to move around and stretch throughout the day is also important. By taking adequate breaks, you allow yourself to de-stress and release tension as well as collect your thoughts and ideas for current or future projects.

Take a look at the infographic below for more tips on relieving pain points in the office, ergonomic workstations, and other ways to be happy and healthy at work.

If you experience pain and discomfort during the workday, visit your local Relax The Back location to speak with a trained consultant who can help you try our numerous office products to create the ultimate ergonomic workstation.

How To Be Happy & Healthy At Work