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Find Relief at Work With An In-Store Assessment

officeIf you suffer from daily discomfort and pain at the office, your workspace setup may be the culprit. A healthy workspace is the sum of many parts. With proper ergonomics, where the best angles, proper heights, and convenient levels work together to achieve maximum comfort, you can reduce the risk of pain and injury at the office.

At Relax The Back, ergonomics is the foundation of all of our back and neck pain solutions. Our trained experts can help you create the ultimate ergonomic office workstation.

When you visit a Relax The Back location, our consultants perform an in-store assessment of your workspace. This includes speaking with you about your current setup and what pain and discomfort you are feeling throughout the day. With this knowledge, they will show you products to address these concerns with the ability to try them out first hand. Whether it is trying a footrest while sitting or standing to align your body and reduce strain, sitting in an office chair that provides adequate lumbar support to reduce lower back pain, or viewing your computer screen using a monitor arm to decrease eye strain and neck pain, you will feel the difference after one visit.

Franchisee owner Bob Duncan, of our Birmingham, AL location, shared one experience he had with a customer who bought an office chair 20 years ago from a Relax The Back location in a different state. She needed her office chair repaired. Bob was able to determine the model of her chair with help from the manufacturer by sending pictures and obtaining the parts needed to get the chair working again at a minimal cost to the customer.

Our franchisee owners and trained staff know the investments our customers make when purchasing quality office products. From following up with a customer after a purchase to see how they are doing to working with manufacturers to repair items, they strive to find the best solution so, our customers can live the life they deserve – free of pain.

Here are some of our franchisee owner’s favorite products to help you have a pain-free workday:

  • Standing Desk: A height adjustable desk allows you to change your position through the day, improving circulation.
  • Footrest: A properly angled footrest encourages spine alignment and reduces strain and swelling.
  • Ergonomic Office Chair: Seat height, lumbar support, stability, and movability are key to chair comfort and productivity.
  • Desk Light: Lighting illuminates where you need it, eliminating eye fatigue.
  • Monitor Arm: Effortless adjustments increase desk space while decreasing eye strain.
  • Height Adjustable Stool: Ergonomically tilted forward to perfectly fit any sit-to-stand desk.

If you are experiencing pain during the workday, visit your local Relax The Back location to speak with a trained consultant who can help you try our numerous office products to create the ultimate ergonomic workstation.


Save 15% on Humanscale Office Products

Humanscale has been a pioneer in designing and manufacturing ergonomic furniture since 1983. They have built a solid reputation through their long history and expertise. Here, they show how a computer-based workstation should be optimized for performance according to the 4 Pillars of Ergonomics: Support, Reach, Breathing, and Vision.

Relax The Back is proud to carry a selection of Humanscale products – below we highlight four that help address each of the pillars. And all this week through October 1st, save 15% on Humanscale office products so you can optimize your workstation for complete comfort and maximized performance.

1. Support: Humanscale® Freedom™ Task Chair with Headrest
This award-winning task chair allows you to relax your arms and shoulders and have your feet flat on the ground. It’s designed to automatically support the body with minimal need for manual controls, while maximizing natural, spontaneous movement, which is essential for a healthy body and a comfortable day’s work.

2. Reach: Humanscale® Keyboard Tray with Clip-on Mouse Platform
This keyboard tray comes with a clip-on mouse platform that, when securely attached, will allow you to adjust it to the perfect height, depth, and lateral position. Having work tools and materials within easy reach helps preserve the healthy, supported body position and minimizes muscle strain.

3. Breathing: Humanscale® ZŌN™ Air Purifier
ZON’s patented technology effectively catches 99% of airborne particles, including pollutants, dust and biological contaminants. Don’t overlook indoor air quality – breathing clean, fresh air promotes health from the inside out, allowing employees to feel – and work – their best.

4. Vision: Humanscale® Monitor Arm
Don’t risk poor posture because of difficult and uncomfortable viewing angles. This Monitor Arm allows for easy, ergonomically friendly viewing. It also comes with an integrated cable control system that rids your desk of cord clutter.

Visit your local store for assistance in setting up your own ergonomic workstation – our expertise and helpful associates will help you find the right solutions, no matter your needs.