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#AgeWell At Any Age: America’s Attitude on Aging


From the hopes of staying healthy to the fears of not being able to live independently, we all think about aging in some degree, regardless of gender or age. Even so, a recent survey by the American Physical Therapy Association showed many Americans are unaware of how and when old age will begin to affect them.

While half of those surveyed expect to lose flexibility and strength with age, a majority of American adults still expect to be living independently at the age of 80. The APTA feels these contradictory beliefs mean we have a lot to learn about healthy aging.

Negative effects of aging are avoidable. Physical therapists can help adults improve strength and flexibility, without straining hips, the lower back, and knees or causing injury, with tailored exercise routines. During Physical Therapy Month the APTA hopes to educate adults on the benefits of physical therapy as a preventive measure as well as a way to improve physical problems and slow down the effects of aging.

See more information from the survey in the infographic below. You can find more information on physical therapy month at MoveForwardPT.com.  The American Physical Therapy Association also makes it easy to find a physical therapist in your area.

physical therapy

Why Physical Therapy?

Often we do not think about or appreciate our ability to move freely and without pain until physical impairments or disabilities occur. These may be due to illness, injury, or muscle stiffness, to name a few.  Physical therapists are trained to restore mobility and functional ability, as well as prevent injury and assist in overall health and wellness of their patients. If you are wondering if physical therapy can help you, here are some reasons why it is a good choice:

  • Avoid Surgery: When it comes to relieving stiffness and moderate to severe pain from knee, back, and neck injuries, research has shown that physical therapy, combined with comprehensive medical management, is just as effective as surgery.
  • Eliminate Pain: No matter which part of your body is in pain, physical therapy can alleviate and help manage pain and discomfort through specific exercises based on your injury, without invasive methods or expensive medications.
  • Improve Mobility and Motion: Physical therapists create personalized treatment plans to help improve one’s balance, reduce the risk of injury and prevent falls.
  • Health and Wellness: In addition to helping with injuries and illness, a physical therapist can create a plan specific to your fitness goals to help restore your health, as well as prevent injuries.

Physical therapists can also help you with arthritis, obesity, osteoporosis, stroke, sprains, and much more. Find more information on physical therapy at MoveForwardPT.com.  The American Physical Therapy Association also makes it easy to find a physical therapist in your area.