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Ergonomic Workstations: Office Monitor Habits

Monitor position is key when it comes to an ergonomic workstation. While many of these positions can happen, the ergonomically friendly position is ‘The Incline’.

Working at a computer for long hours at a time can often lead to some rather interesting monitor positions. While they may seem to work in the moment, some positions can cause eyestrain, eye fatigue, muscle pain and stress on the torso.

Follow this ergonomic guide to avoid unnecessary strain and pain:

  • Viewing distance should be 20-40 inches.
  • Center of the monitor should be 10-25 degrees below horizontal eye level. Raisers such as the iLevel Laptop Raiser make this an easy transition.
  • Monitor should be able to tilt from 5 degrees backward to 15 degrees forward to help eliminate glare.
  • Source documents should be at the same distance and height as the monitor
  • Monitor should be directly in front of the user and never more than 35 degrees of axis.
  • Top of monitor to keyboard should never be greater than a 60-degree angel.
  • Use a monitor arm such as the Humanscale Monitor Arm to reduce neck and upper back pain.

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“Sit, Walk, Move” Facebook Giveaway

Summer’s coming to an end, and it’s time to head back to school and/or our desk jobs at the office. Most Americans sit for hours at work, and because our bodies weren’t designed for prolonged sitting, it’s starting to take its toll. Researchers found that sitting for too long increases your risk of death, even if you exercise regularly. Sitting is an independent pathology, and dedicated exercise won’t completely undo its harmful effects of disrupted metabolic functions. Bottom line is that prolonged sitting is not the same as exercising too little – whether you’re in shape or obese, being sedentary for a long time at the office is bad for your health.

Relax The Back believes that work should never be a pain and understands the importance of a whole body approach to an ergonomic workspace. Our numerous workspace solutions help you get moving at your desk to interrupt the effects of a sitting job. To highlight how a healthy workspace is a sum of many parts, we are giving away 8 different prizes over 8 weeks. Head to our Facebook page and enter today for a chance to win one of the following products:

We want to challenge you to not only sit but to walk and move at your workspace. Whether it’s moving your feet with a rocking foot machine or taking time away from your chair with our Sit-to-Stand desk, remember that frequent movement is the key to a healthier life and productive and pain-free work day.