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Acupressure Therapy: Key Pressure Points For Relief


Acupressure is an ancient alternative medicine technique that involves applying physical pressure to key healing points along the body. It is a key component of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). The goal is to bring relief to areas causing pain, tension, and stress-related ailments. These points run along energy-carrying pathways called meridians. They are the same pathways used in acupuncture, which involves applying pressure and heat to these same points with thin needles.

When the balance of the pathways is disrupted, pain and discomfort can occur. By pressing on the acupuncture points, we can help restore health and balance to these pathways. Acupressure therapy is commonly used to relieve sinus headaches, allergies, and back pain, reduce muscle tension, and improve quality of sleep. While massage therapists and other “bodywork” practitioners often use acupressure techniques, there are some that you can learn and try for yourself.

Take a look at the graphic below to find key pressure points that will relieve certain ailments and pain. Applying pressure for 10 to 30 seconds to these areas can help you find relief.

Acupressure Therapy: Key Pressure Points For Relief

Foot Massage for Stress and Back Pain Relief

During these summer months, many people will spend more time outdoors. Add traveling and walking in flip-flops to the mix, and our feet can take quite a beating. We tend to overlook our feet, but it’s important to remember that they are our foundation. How we bear weight on our feet affects our alignment and the health of our muscular and skeletal systems. If you experience back or neck pain, the unsuspecting culprit might just be your exhausted and aching feet.

For healthy feet and body, consider a foot massage. A good massage can increase circulation to the feet, releasing toxins from the body. It also relaxes and relieves aching muscles through reflexology or trigger points that correlate to other parts of the body. Pressure points on the feet called the Solar Plexus are highly affected by stress, and when pressed on can help relieve stress and provide much needed relaxation. Best of all, an invigorating foot massage just feels great at the end of a long day.

Relax the Back understands the importance of taking care of your feet and our massagers provide all the benefits in the comforts of your own home at your own time. Here are four options to choose from:

  • The Infraped Foot Massager uses infrared heat to penetrate deep into the soles of your feet for cell for heat therapy and cell renewal
  • The Therapeutic Foot Massager provides a custom massage by allowing you to specify settings in one of three regions of the foot, toe, arch or sole.
  • The Human Touch CIrQlation Elite Foot & Calf Massager also massages your calves for increased circulation and pain relief.
  • An inexpensive alternative that requires no batteries or power, the Foot Log relieves pressure in aching feet with just ten minutes of use.

Regardless of how active and tired your feet are, incorporating a good foot massage into your day can help lead to a healthier and happier you.