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5 Ways To Relax After Work

Life is all about balance. Think about your current routine when you get home from work. How often do you come home, sit down in your favorite chair, turn on the TV, and spend the rest of your evening there? Do you have difficulty turning off work mode, continuing to answer emails and finishing projects after you’ve left the office? While we understand there are days where you need to finish work, or you want to catch up on TV shows, doing so time and time again can leave you feeling burnt out and unfulfilled.

We all deserve a break from our busy lives. Create an after-work routine that makes the most of your time and one that will leave you feeling relaxed with these helpful tips.

  • Put your computer away, turn off email alerts: Possibly the most important task of all – set boundaries for work life and personal life. Do your best to leave work at work. Take a break from electronics by turning off your work email, putting away your computer, and being present with yourself or your family at home.
  • Read a book or listen to music: Instead of turning the TV on, listen to some soothing music or settle in with a book. Enjoy the peace and quiet and use this time to fully relax and unwind.
  • Prep for the next day: Make a list of tasks you would like to accomplish and items you may need the next day. This could be snacks, your workout gear, your computer charger, your lunch, etc. You’ll feel prepared for the day ahead and you’ll be able to fully relax without worrying about forgetting something.
  • Set aside time to learn something new: Get your creative juices flowing. Learn a new language with apps like Duolingo, sign up for a free class on Skillshare, cook a new meal with the help of HelloFresh or Blue Apron. You will feel more accomplished and satisfied with your time at home if you’re working on something you enjoy.
  • Make time for massage: Have some much needed “me-time” to fully decompress, release the tension and stresses of the day, and allow for uninterrupted massages. Find relief and relaxation with our wide range of massage products.

We hope these tips are useful in having more relaxing nights at home. If you’re looking for even more ways to relax at home, visit your local Relax The Back location to speak with our trained specialists. They can show you our full line of massage chairs, recliners, and massage products for ultimate relaxation at home.

Importance of Stretching + A Stretch Routine For Better Health

Stretching is an important factor when determining our overall health and wellness, yet it is often an overlooked part of our regular exercise routine. Whether you live an active life or a sedentary one, the benefits of stretching are far too important to neglect. Stretching not only helps improve joint range of motion and muscle tension relief, it can also improve your sleep. After a quick stretch routine, our bodies feel more relaxed helping us fall into a deeper sleep.

Here are a few other benefits of stretching including a great infographic of a stretch routine you can do after a workout or before bed.

  • Flexibility: Stretching helps keep our body and muscles flexible, aligned and in working order. Increase range of motion to ensure good posture, balance and proper movement while improving mobility and reducing stiffness.
  • Relaxation: Relieve tension to feel more relaxed. Stretching helps relax your body and your mind. You’ll be more focused and better able to manage stress.
  • Pain Prevention: By improving the flexibility of our muscles and joints, we are able to increase our range of motion and prevent injury trigger points.

Consider incorporating this routine, or one that is similar, into your regular exercise regimen. Foam rollers, Inversion Tables, and our Back Support and Stretcher are great tools to help you stretch in the comfort of your own home. For more information on how to stretch using proper technique, try our definitive book or visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with one of our trained specialists for recommendations tailored to your specific needs and abilities.

6 Tips To Sleep Easy And Beat Insomnia 

It’s no secret our bodies need sleep. We perform better at work, we are in better moods, and overall we feel better when we’ve had enough shut-eye. Unfortunately, many of us do not get adequate sleep. In fact, roughly 40 million people suffer from insomnia annually.

If you suffer from insomnia, these tips can help you fall asleep easier and stay asleep.

  • Wind down: Our bodies need time to relax and wind down after the day’s stressors. Take some time to yourself to enjoy a warm bath, reading, or light exercises, such as yoga.
  • Relax your entire body: Meditation is a great tool to help you fall asleep. Imagine releasing tension from each part of your body. While taking deep breathes, start at your feet, then each leg, your torso, each arm, and lastly your head, neck and shoulders. By concentrating on specific parts of your body and working with your breathing, you can relieve stress and sink into a deeper relaxation to help ease you into a restful night’s sleep.
  • Listen to soothing music: Turn on a sleep inspired playlist that last 30-45 minutes. Soothing tunes will drown out noises from neighbors or the outdoors.
  • Create the ideal sleep environment: Noise, temperature and lighting play a big role in how well you sleep at night. Cool, dark, and quiet provides the best sleep environment. Keep your room between 65-72°F. If you are a warm sleeper, avoid heavy sleepwear. Invest in pillows and mattresses that offer cooling gels and materials to keep your body temperature down throughout the night. The  PureRelax Zoned Gel Topper, Technogel Anatomic Pillow  and the TEMPUR-Pedic Breeze collection provide support and cooling relief all night long.
  • Look away from the clock: Checking the time when you’re having difficulty sleeping only makes matters worse. Face your clock away from you to avoid temptations of calculating the amount of sleep you can get if you fall asleep at that moment. This can cause more anxiety, keeping you up even longer.
  • Get out of bed: After 20 minutes if you haven’t been able to fall asleep, get up and leave the bedroom. Make a cup of tea, read a book, or listen to relaxing music. Do anything that doesn’t require a lot of concentration or effort. Once you begin to get drowsy, go back to bed.

Visit a Relax The Back location near you to speak with our trained sleep experts who can help you create the ultimate bedroom sanctuary so you can get your best night’s sleep. From fitting you for a perfect pillow, to showing you different mattress styles, to offering tips and information on ways you can sleep easier, our specialists are there to provide one-on-one support. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest for more sleep tips.

Relaxation And Relief Tips For The New Year

A new year is officially upon us and with that comes new goals and wishes for our health and happiness. Making time to relax and find relief in our busy lives should be a priority. Overtime, chronic stress can cause serious mental, physical, and emotional harm.

Irritability and anger due to stress can arise when dealing with everyday challenges such as traffic, work, bills, and family, to name a few. It can also lead to health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or a lowered immune system.

This year, take control of your stress. Understand your personal limitations and be mindful of situations that make you feel overwhelmed.

We’ve put together this helpful infographic to provide tips on ways you can relieve stress, improve your mood, and improve your overall quality of life. In addition to our New Year’s resolutions for a stress-free year, these relief tips can help you relax and unwind throughout 2017.

Relaxation And Relief Tips For The New Year


New Year’s Resolutions For A Stress-Free 2017

Whether 2016 was your best year yet or one you are looking forward to putting behind you, we are days away from a fresh start. While we are always advocates of New Year’s resolutions that focus on being more active, eating better, and making sleep a priority, we wanted to share a few resolutions that can help you have a more relaxed and stress-free 2017.

Add these to your resolutions this year and vow to have a happier, stress-free year. Find more inspiration with our past resolutions for a healthier new year and resolutions for a pain-free new year.

New Year’s Resolutions For A Stress-Free 2017

  • Make time for yourself: Whether it’s daily, weekly, or monthly, make time to check-in with yourself and do something for you. Go to your favorite workout class once a week, take nightly baths, journal before bed each night. Do more of the things that help you feel relaxed and happy.
  • Get outside more: Enjoy the sunlight and outdoors. Bright, natural light is known to help relieve stress, depression, and improve overall happiness.
  • Socialize: Close family and good friends can greatly improve quality of life. This year, improve on the relationships you already have, find new, healthy relationships, and let go of those that cause more frustration and stress than happiness.
  • Tap into your creative side: Start a new hobby, write, draw, color, listen to, or even try composing, music. Having a hobby can help reduce stress relief by providing an outlet for mental stimulation. Trying new things is also a great way to find a new passion.

We hope everyone in our community had a wonderful holiday season. Happy New Year!

Gift Guide: Products For Relief, Rest, And Relaxation

Gift Guide: Products For Relief, Rest, And Relaxation

‘Tis the season of relief! At Relax The Back, we believe that there is no greater present than good health and comfort from aches and pain. These products will help you, and your loved ones, relax, release muscle tension, relieve back and neck pain, and improve overall health and wellness.

Here are our favorite gifts for relief, rest, and relaxation.

  • CoreStretch: Stretch into good health and away from stress. Elongate the back muscles, ligaments, and tendons for a deeply relaxing stretch.
  • Human Touch Perfect Chair: Give the gift of zero gravity comfort with one of our Perfect Chairs. Improving circulation, relieve back pressure, and minimizing strain on the spine are a few of the reasons to love zero gravity.
  • Kneading Back Massage Cushion: This kneading cushion provides a relaxing back massage any place and anytime. Heat delivers instant back tension relief after a long day.
  • Foot Vibration Massager: Tired feet deserve this soothing heated massager. Perfect for under your desk or at home.
  • Teeter Hang Ups Contour L5 Inversion Table: Relief is on everyone’s wish list. Inversion tables decrease pressure on the spine to relieve muscle, shoulder, and back tension. Adjustable acupressure nodes target tense muscles for ultimate relaxation.

Visit your local Relax The Back store for more gift guide ideas for you or your loved ones. Our trained specialists are there to help you find the perfect product for specific pain needs. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for tips to reduce pain and stress during the holidays.

Save Big And Wrap Up Relief This Holiday Season

‘Tis the season of relief and we want to help Relax The Back fans to find comfort and relaxation this holiday season. We believe everyone deserves to have a pain-free holiday. So, wrap up relief this holiday – from Thanksgiving through Black Friday and Cyber Monday (11/24-11/28). Get 15% off almost everything at Relax The Back (some exclusions apply). In addition, you’ll get free delivery on orders over $1,000.


In addition to our Black Friday sale, Small Business Saturday is November 26th! Small Business Saturday® is a day to support the local businesses we love. From your favorite local coffee shop to the fitness boutique around the corner, our streets are full of special shops that are the heartbeat of our neighborhood. This year, we are proud to announce we are a supporter of Small Business Saturday®.

When you Shop Small with us this holiday season, you can earn big with an enrolled American Express Card. Learn more at amex.co/shopnow.  Find your local Relax The Back store to take part and Shop Small and discover more ways to join in at ShopSmall.com.

13 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

yoga poses

The negative effects of stress on the mind and body are no secret. High blood pressure, anxiety, depression, headaches, and increased risk of stroke or heart attack are just a few of symptoms that can be caused by stress. While stress is a natural part of life, too much of anything, especially stress, can be harmful to your overall health and wellness. Eventually, it will take a toll on your emotional and physical state.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage the stresses of everyday life. Yoga offers many benefits beyond increased flexibility and strength. Studies have found that a consistent yoga practice can lead to an increase in serotonin levels and a decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol. Through breathing exercises and yoga poses, you can lower your blood pressure, improve focus, and release tension and anxiety.

If you’re looking for ways to keep calm and reduce stress, take a look at the infographic below from Health Perch. They offer step-by-step instructions for 13 yoga poses that relieve stress.


Top 3 Massage Products For The Home

massage products for the homeOver the last few weeks we have shared the top massage products for the office and on the road. Now, we’re taking a look at the best massage products to help you find relief and comfort at home.

While incorporating massage into multiple facets of life (office, commute, and home) will help you ease tension and relax throughout the day, a busy workday or hectic commute can make it difficult to get in some quality massage time. Therefore, having a selection of massage products at home may work better for some schedules. This can allow for uninterrupted massages and some much needed “me-time”. You’ll begin to feel the benefits of massage therapy by devoting as little as 10-15 minutes a day to massage.

Massage At Home

With our wide range of massage products, you can have a therapeutic massage any time of day, for any amount of time, in the privacy of your own home. Find relief and relaxation with our top products.

  • GRID Foam Roller: This foam roller helps improve flexibility and range of motion, relieve muscle tightness, and help with injury prevention. Foam rollers are also an effective and inexpensive way to gain the health benefits of massage while providing an alternative method of stretching.
  • Therapeutic Foot Massager: Give tired feet much needed relief. This foot massager provides a custom massage by allowing you to specify settings in one of three regions of the foot, toe, arch or sole.
  • Massage Chair: From Swedish to traditional style massages, massage chairs reduce tension headaches, increase blood flow, improve sleep quality, and much more. Check out some guidelines to follow when choosing a massage chair.

Head to your local Relax The Back location to test out our selection of massage products. With the ability to try out products first-hand, you’ll be able to feel instant relief from muscle tension, aches, and pains. Our trained experts will help you find the perfect massage tool for your specific needs.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest as we give away our favorite massage products for office, home, and travel over the next few weeks!

Relaxation in the New Year

relax Starting February 8th, celebrations for the Chinese New Year will begin all over the world. 2016 is the year of the Red Fire Monkey. A New Year brings the opportunity to reflect and sweep away any misfortunes or hardships from the previous year and start fresh. People born in the year of the monkey will find a balanced lifestyle will improve their health conditions.

Use this time to bring friends and family together, celebrate, and begin working towards a more balanced lifestyle. It is a time to refocus, recharge, and relax.

We’ve put together a few ways to help you relax and recharge as we begin a new year:

  • Music & soothing sounds: Whether it’s classical music, your favorite rock song, or soothing nature sounds, music and sound can help you relax while lowering blood pressure, anxiety levels, and your heart rate.
  • Massage: Relax your neck, shoulders, back, and legs to calm your mind and help you recharge. Massage chairs and massage cushions offer personalized comfort and relief in your home or on the go. Massage benefits include reducing stress hormone levels and chronic pain, increasing circulation and improving sleep quality, to name a few. Bring luck, prosperity, and relaxation into your home with the DreamWave Massage Chair by Inada in red leather and receive 48-month financing.
  • Meditation: Just a few minutes a day can help ease anxiety and make you more resilient to stress. Sit with both of your feet planted on the floor and repeat a positive thought or mantra – silently or out loud – such as “I feel at peace.” Syncing your breathing to your mantra will help you focus.
  • Restorative Yoga: This type of yoga sequence uses props to help calm and relax your entire body and mind. Yoga is a good tool for learning and practicing ways to find relaxation, on and off the mat.

Relax The Back wishes everyone a Happy Chinese New Year. May this New Year bring you all good luck, good fortune, and good health!

5 Ways to Relax After Work

relaxHow often do you come home from work and go straight to your favorite chair or spot on the couch, turn on the TV, and spend the rest of your evening there? While catching up on shows or movies can be relaxing, doing this time and time again will leave us feeling unfulfilled and burnt out.

The other side of this situation is when we have difficulty turning off work mode when we get home. Nights like this can cause more harm than good. We may feel we are catching up on work when in reality we are increasing our stress levels and not allowing ourselves the break we deserve.

These 5 tips will help you create an after-work routine that will leave you feeling more relaxed and help to make the most of your free time at home.

  • Go for a walk when you get home: Leave the phone at home (or turn on a do not disturb feature) and take a walk around your neighborhood. There are many benefits of walking. Taking 20-30 minutes to enjoy fresh air and move your muscles after sitting in an office all day will set the tone for a relaxing evening ahead. If the weather is not favorable this time of year, opt for a quick yoga
  • Turn off email alerts, put your computer away: Leave work at work. Take a break from electronics – turn off work email alerts and put your computer away. Checking emails after you’ve left the office will most likely lead to stress and worry instead of a relaxing evening at home. Setting boundaries for work life and personal life will help with stress levels and your overall health and wellness.
  • Set aside time to learn something new: Or pick up an old hobby! Sites like Skillshare offer free classes from photography, to graphic design, to cooking, and so much more. Learn a new language from websites like Duolingo. Whatever it is, set aside time each night to try something you’ve been interested in. You’ll feel more accomplished and fulfilled with your time at home when you’re working on something you enjoy.
  • Listen to music or read a book: Instead of turning on the TV, settle down with a book, and listen to some relaxing music – or enjoy the peace and quiet in a massage chair. Use this time to fully unwind and relax after a long work day.
  • Make a list for the next day: One way to help feel less stressed and worried about the next day is to make a list of tasks you want or need to accomplish and items you may need the next day – such as snacks, your computer charger, a set of workout attire, etc. You will feel prepared for the day ahead instead of having your mind constantly drifting out of relaxation mode and back to trying to remind yourself to do a certain task or bring a certain item the next day.

We hope these tips are useful in having more relaxing nights after a long day of work. If you’re looking for even more ways to relax at home, visit your local Relax The Back location to see our full line of massage chairs, recliners, and massage products. Our trained specialists can help you find the perfect product for ultimate relaxation at home.

Gift Guide: Our Top Massage Products

massage products

Massage therapy has many proven benefits that go beyond relaxation and relief from sore muscles. From improved circulation and flexibility to decreased stress and anxiety, these massage products will continue to give long after the holidays are over.

Here are our favorite targeted massage products to wrap up relief this season:

  • Moji Curve Pro Handheld Massager:  A one-of-a-kind total body massager for a one-of-a-kind loved one! Dig deep into quads, hamstrings, calves, and hips to release tense muscles. Stainless steel spheres gives user the ability to chill – offering the option of an ice massage.
  • Neck and Shoulder Kneading Massager: Melt away holiday stress and tension with the soft kneading massage heads of this hands free massager. Heat therapy provides an even deeper relaxing massage.
  • RollerMax MassagerGive the gift of rejuvenating massage this season. This bidirectional, multi-speed massager releases tightness in calves, thighs, and feet.
  • Theracane: Perfect for anyone on the go. The Theracane relieves pain and stiffness as you control the pressure to massage deep into tense muscles and knots.
  • DreamWave Massage Chair by Inada: Customized comfort is on everyone’s wish list. Increase blood flow and comfort through personalized settings to provide an at-home Shiatsu massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Treat your loved ones (or yourself) to something special this year. Visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with a trained specialist who can help you find the perfect gift based on specific needs. Also be sure to visit us online (www.relaxtheback.com) and on Facebook and Twitter.

Top Man Cave Products

Perfect ChairWith March Madness around the corner, it’s time to fill out those brackets and get your Man Cave ready for college basketball. We often talk about the importance of sleep comfort and creating a comfortable workstation and your home should be no different.

Below you will find some of our top Man Cave picks to ensure you are watching your favorite sports teams in total comfort and relaxation.

  • Sit back with ease and allow your muscles, joints and spine to recover from the effects of gravity with the Zero Gravity Perfect Chair. Add an Accessory Tableor a Wedge Table, if you have two or more chairs, to hold snacks and drinks. For a limited time, save $500 on our Premium Leather Perfect Chairs!
  • Feel back pain and the stress of the day melt away with our heated Kneading Back Cushion.
  • Spend those timeouts and TV-breaks decompressing your spine with an Inversion Table.  Inversion therapy relieves pressure on your spine, thus relieving muscle stiffness, back pain, and shoulder tension.
  • Relax after a long day at work with a therapeutic massage. Create a truly customized massage experience with our Zen 3D Massage ChairFive programs allow you to adjust every inch of your massage, listen to soothing music, and turn on mood-enhancing therapy lighting for a complete relaxation experience.Foot Massagers, such as the Haven Foot Massager, can relieve fatigue, encourage relaxation, and help improve blood circulation.

What are your must-haves for the perfect Man Cave? Visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with one of our trained specialists who can help you find the perfect products for your specific needs.


Tips To Prevent Pain During The Holidays

The holidays are fully underway, which means aches and pains due to overexertion are more likely to occur. Shopping and preparing for the holidays is not only stressful but it can also contribute to unwelcome muscle pain and fatigue.

Here are a few tips to prevent pain during the holidays:

  • Stay hydrated: Water helps to lubricate and cushion joints and muscles. Inflammation and chronic muscles spasms can be linked to dehydration. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces per day. If you weigh 150 lbs. aim to drink 75 oz. of water.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine: Don’t push aside your regular eating habits and workout routines. If you’re attending holiday parties, eat in moderation and beware of your nutritional needs. Perform gentle exercises such as these foam roller exercises to help keep muscles loose and prevent pain from happening.
  • Stress less: Anxiety and stress can creep up during these busy times. Enjoy the holidays and reduce stress with these tips.
  • Vary positions when wrapping presents: While there is no Ideal position for wrapping gifts, you should remember to vary positions as often as possible. Alternate wrapping one gift on a countertop while standing and another gift while sitting at a table. Avoid sitting on the floor to wrap gifts as this can cause unwanted aches and pains and promote poor posture.
  • Make sleep a priority: Inadequate sleep can cause pain to worsen over time. It is important to make sure you are continuing to get quality sleep during these hectic holidays. Treat yourself to an early present and ensure better sleep with these sleep products. If possible, try to sneak in a nap during the day.  You’ll increase alertness and stamina to help keep you going.

Visit us online at www.relaxtheback.com or stop by your local Relax The Back store to speak with one of our trained associates for pain relief solutions this holiday season. Enjoy Black Friday savings now through December 1st!

“Gifts of Comfort” Giveaway


‘Tis the season for giving and Relax The Back would like to give back to our community. Over the next 7 weeks we will be giving away products during our “Gifts of Comfort” Giveaway. We hope these products will help you enjoy the holidays, and beyond, in relaxation and ultimate comfort.

To enter, simply visit our Facebook page and Like or Comment on the given week’s giveaway prize to be entered to win. A new giveaway prize will be revealed every week. Winners will be selected weekly, at random, prior to the new prize being announced. You may enter as many times as you wish.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our holiday promotions and tops to stay pain-free and stress-free this holiday season! See official Terms and Conditions for more information.

Great Affordable Gifts to Wrap Up Relief

At Relax The Back, we truly believe nothing brings joy like the gift of comfort. Show your loved ones how much you care with a gift that keeps on giving. We’ve put together a list of our favorite affordable gifts that are sure to relieve pain and discomforts, aid in relaxation, and bring comfort to all members of the family. If you’re wondering what to get friends and family this holiday season look no further. Here are some great affordable gifts to wrap up relief:

  • Theracane ($35): Relieve stiffness and pain as you control the pressure to massage deep into tense muscles. Perfect for anyone on the go.
  • CoreStretch ($70): Perfect for the office or while on vacation, the CoreStretch helps you safely stretch muscles, tendons, and ligaments in your back, shoulders, hips, and legs. Reduce pain, enhance mobility, and increase flexibility with this lightweight, portable tool.
  • Slatted Footrest ($69): Footrests help align feet with the rest of the body to help reduce strain on your back and neck muscles.
  • Lumbar Extender ($99): 5 minutes, 2 times a day is all you need to relieve back pain with the Lumbar Extender. Targeted pressure is applied along your vertebrae to release tension and enhance muscle relaxation.
  • Neck & Shoulder Massager ($149): Find relief after your holiday travels with the powerful percussive action of this Neck and Shoulder wrap. With built-in heat and 20 automated programs, you’ll loosen muscles and quiet aches.
  • Haven Foot Massager ($249): Give tired feet a comfortable treat with total reflexology. The Haven Foot Massager uses rejuvenating rollers, kneading air massage, optional deep heat therapy and two tension-relieving programs.
  • Sit-to-Stand WorkPad ($299): Give the gift of mobility in the workspace. This ergonomic work stand can be rolled anywhere. The single-handed height adjustment allows for immediate and effortless transition from sitting to standing.

Treat your loved ones (or yourself) with something special this year. Visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with a trained specialist who can help you find the perfect gift based on specific needs. Also be sure to visit us online (www.relaxtheback.com) and on Facebook and Twitter.

10 Ways to Relax and De-Stress

The situations and pressures of everyday life can take a toll on one’s overall health and well-being. From depression, irritability, and anxiety to physical pain such as nausea, dizziness, and chest pain, stress can present itself in many different ways. Finding time and ways to relax will help reduce the negative effects of stress on your body and mind, relieve built up tension, and calm emotions. Relaxation techniques can help one cope with stress management and improve their overall quality of life.

Next time you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, try one of our 10 ways to relax and de-stress. Even if you feel that you don’t have time to slow down, many of these techniques only take a few minutes.

Ways to relax

Top 5 Apps to Help You Sleep

If you’re like most people you use your smartphone, laptop, tablet and other devices within an hour before you go to sleep and your device(s) are also probably within arms reach once you fall asleep. We’ve provided you tips for improving your sleep environment as well as your daily routine to help you get a better night’s rest but have you thought about utilizing your smartphone?

Whether you are having trouble falling asleep or waking up, these five Apple and Android apps will help you relax more at night and wake up feeling refreshed:

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more sleep tips and facts. Or visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with one of our trained specialists.

Foot Massage for Stress and Back Pain Relief

During these summer months, many people will spend more time outdoors. Add traveling and walking in flip-flops to the mix, and our feet can take quite a beating. We tend to overlook our feet, but it’s important to remember that they are our foundation. How we bear weight on our feet affects our alignment and the health of our muscular and skeletal systems. If you experience back or neck pain, the unsuspecting culprit might just be your exhausted and aching feet.

For healthy feet and body, consider a foot massage. A good massage can increase circulation to the feet, releasing toxins from the body. It also relaxes and relieves aching muscles through reflexology or trigger points that correlate to other parts of the body. Pressure points on the feet called the Solar Plexus are highly affected by stress, and when pressed on can help relieve stress and provide much needed relaxation. Best of all, an invigorating foot massage just feels great at the end of a long day.

Relax the Back understands the importance of taking care of your feet and our massagers provide all the benefits in the comforts of your own home at your own time. Here are four options to choose from:

  • The Infraped Foot Massager uses infrared heat to penetrate deep into the soles of your feet for cell for heat therapy and cell renewal
  • The Therapeutic Foot Massager provides a custom massage by allowing you to specify settings in one of three regions of the foot, toe, arch or sole.
  • The Human Touch CIrQlation Elite Foot & Calf Massager also massages your calves for increased circulation and pain relief.
  • An inexpensive alternative that requires no batteries or power, the Foot Log relieves pressure in aching feet with just ten minutes of use.

Regardless of how active and tired your feet are, incorporating a good foot massage into your day can help lead to a healthier and happier you.