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Reasons To Love Zero Gravity

zero gravity

Over the course of the day, gravity takes a toll on our bodies. It compresses our spine and joints, which can cause pain and discomfort. Zero gravity furniture can help reverse these effects, leaving you feeling fully relaxed and comfortable.

Developed by NASA, the neutral posture concept takes stress off of your spine by elevating your feet to the same height as your heart. This zero gravity position imitates the position astronauts are in during liftoff and when they are landing. It allows their bodies to deal with the additional stress caused by the sudden increase in the earth’s gravitational pull during take-off and landing. The neutral position distributes the stress of the gravitational pull across their body as evenly as possible.

At Relax The Back, we offer a full line of zero gravity chairs that help you minimize physical and emotional stress on your body. When you visit one of our store locations, our trained specialists will work with you to find product solutions that help you achieve neutral posture support, including testing out our zero gravity chairs first-hand. Sit back in a Human Touch Perfect Chair and instantly feel the release of pressure and tension when you achieve neutral posture.

For more benefits, take a look at these five reasons to love zero gravity:

  1. Doctor recommended, astronaut approved: Zero gravity allows for a perfectly balanced state in which the body experiences an absolute minimum of internal and external stress. It is the optimal position to prevent and relieve back and muscle pain.
  2. Back Pressure Relief: By raising our feet to the same level as our heart, our spine is able to decompress to align in a natural S-shaped curve. This reduces tension in your lower back and cervical.
  3. Expanded Lung Capacity: Being in a zero gravity position opens the angle between the torso and the thighs, thus improving breathing and increasing blood and oxygen.
  4. Improved Circulation:  Stress on the heart is minimized in this position. Oxygen-rich blood is able to reach fatigued muscles easier, which allows for faster recovery times.
  5. Correct Spinal Support: Unnecessary strain and discomfort is avoided when our spine is properly aligned and supported. Zero gravity minimizes strain on your spine, muscles, and ligaments.

Relaxation And Relief Tips For The New Year

A new year is officially upon us and with that comes new goals and wishes for our health and happiness. Making time to relax and find relief in our busy lives should be a priority. Overtime, chronic stress can cause serious mental, physical, and emotional harm.

Irritability and anger due to stress can arise when dealing with everyday challenges such as traffic, work, bills, and family, to name a few. It can also lead to health concerns such as cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, or a lowered immune system.

This year, take control of your stress. Understand your personal limitations and be mindful of situations that make you feel overwhelmed.

We’ve put together this helpful infographic to provide tips on ways you can relieve stress, improve your mood, and improve your overall quality of life. In addition to our New Year’s resolutions for a stress-free year, these relief tips can help you relax and unwind throughout 2017.

Relaxation And Relief Tips For The New Year


How To Become A Morning Person: Create A Routine

Are you hoping to become a morning person in 2017? If your New Year’s Resolution was to work on your morning routine, take a look at the helpful infographic below.

Many studies show that having a consistent morning routine sets the tempo for the rest of the day. Our willpower to accomplish tasks is strongest after we wake up. By maximizing your mornings, you can increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve your health and mood. Here are a few ways to take back your morning.

  1. Set a routine: Starting each day the same way helps train your brain and reset your internal clock. Make a pot of coffee, read the morning news, or listen to some calming music when you wake up.
  2. Be active: Get your blood flowing early. Take a walk, stretch, or do your favorite workout. This helps you feel more alert and motivated throughout the day.
  3. Do not hit snooze: We know this is easier said than done sometimes however, it is important to remember when starting a new routine. Research shows hitting the snooze button does more harm than good. You re-start your sleep cycling, which leaves you feeling groggy when you do get up.
  4. Do something you love: Write, read, play music, cook breakfast, anything that you truly enjoy. You’ll begin to re-associate morning time with joy and pleasure, making it easier for you to wake up early.

Take a look at more tips to take back your morning below.

How To Become A Morning Person: Create A Routine


‘Tis The Season Of Relief Giveaway

'Tis The Season Of Relief Giveaway

This holiday season, give yourself the gift of relief and relaxation. At Relax The Back, we know this time of year can become stressful and hectic. We want to help you find year-round relief from pain and tension. Over the next 7 weeks, we will be sharing tips to relax and de-stress during the holidays, gift guides to help you find the perfect gift of comfort and joy for you and your loved ones, as well as a giveaway of our top products.

This year, you get to choose your own giveaway product! Each week you will have the choice between two products. To enter, simply visit our Facebook page and leave a comment on which product you would like to win on the given week’s giveaway post. A new giveaway will be revealed every week. Winners will be selected weekly, at random, prior to the new giveaway being announced. You may enter as many times as you wish.

We hope these tips and products will help you enjoy the holidays in ultimate relaxation and comfort. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more ways to stay pain-free and stress-free this holiday season.

Don’t Shop ‘Til You Drop: Holiday Tips & Gift Guide For Pain Relief


Don’t Shop ‘Til You Drop: Holiday Tips & Gift Guide For Pain Relief

The holiday season is officially here. While this time of year is filled with traveling, gift giving, family time, and merriment, it also brings up a lot of stress and anxiety. Did you know the average American will spend roughly 42 hours a year on holiday activities alone? That’s one standard work-week spent shopping, wrapping gifts, traveling, and attending parties.

The stress and demand of the holidays can take a toll on your body leading to back pain, muscle aches, headaches and more. We’ve put together a few helpful tips to prevent pain as well as a gift guide for stress-free shopping ideas.

  • Plan ahead: Make a list of items you wish to purchase to cut down time spent wandering crowded malls and stores. Online shopping can help you cut down on your list without dealing with holiday crowds.
  • Take breaks: Set aside time for your favorite workout class, a movie, soak in a warm bath or listen to soothing music. You’ll enjoy the holidays more if you take time to relax and de-stress.
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydrated contributes to chronic muscle spasms, fatigue, and anxiety. Set reminders on your phone to drink or track your water intake to be sure you’re drinking enough.
  • Say “no”: Often, we feel we have to say yes to all social events around this time of year. This can leave you feeling more stressed than cheerful. Instead, make plans with friends and family after the holidays wind down.

Gifts for Every Body and Every Budget:

Need more help with holiday shopping? Head to your local Relax The Back location and our trained specialists will help you find the perfect gifts for your loved ones (or yourself)!

Visit us on Facebook starting November 14th to enter our ‘Tis the Season of Relief Giveaway for a chance to win products so you can find relief and relaxation this holiday season!

13 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief

yoga poses

The negative effects of stress on the mind and body are no secret. High blood pressure, anxiety, depression, headaches, and increased risk of stroke or heart attack are just a few of symptoms that can be caused by stress. While stress is a natural part of life, too much of anything, especially stress, can be harmful to your overall health and wellness. Eventually, it will take a toll on your emotional and physical state.

Fortunately, there are ways to manage the stresses of everyday life. Yoga offers many benefits beyond increased flexibility and strength. Studies have found that a consistent yoga practice can lead to an increase in serotonin levels and a decrease in the stress hormone, cortisol. Through breathing exercises and yoga poses, you can lower your blood pressure, improve focus, and release tension and anxiety.

If you’re looking for ways to keep calm and reduce stress, take a look at the infographic below from Health Perch. They offer step-by-step instructions for 13 yoga poses that relieve stress.


4 Ways to De-Stress This Holiday Season

Thde-stresse holiday season is filled with merriment, family time, gift giving, and traveling. Holidays can also provide much needed rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, this time of year can be filled with stress, angst, and anxiety and often leave us feeling more tired than rejuvenated. The average American will spend roughly 42 hours a year on holiday activities. That’s nearly one standard workweek a year spent shopping, wrapping and returning gifts, attending holiday parties, cooking, and traveling. Stress can do more than ruin your pre and post-holiday plans; it can also cause harm to emotional and physical health.

If you’re feeling more stressed than rested, here are a few ways to de-stress this holiday season:

  • Healthy Habits: Sticking to your fitness routine and healthy habits during the holidays can help keep stress levels down. Make time for your favorite workouts, book club, etc.
  • Recharge: Turn off your tech devices or leave them in a different room all together. It will give your eyes a much-needed break from a screen while allowing you to rest and recharge as well as spend quality time with family and friends.
  • Treat yourself: Set aside time to pamper yourself and relax. Soak in a warm bath, meditate, or listen to soothing music. Melt away holiday stress and tension with one of our many massage
  • Refocus: Take some time to set goals and plan for the upcoming months. New Year’s resolutions and health and fitness goals can help you get back into your healthy habits and exercise routine after the holidays have passed.

We hope these tips help you have a stress-free and pain-free holiday season with family and friends. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Gift Guide: Our Top Massage Products

massage products

Massage therapy has many proven benefits that go beyond relaxation and relief from sore muscles. From improved circulation and flexibility to decreased stress and anxiety, these massage products will continue to give long after the holidays are over.

Here are our favorite targeted massage products to wrap up relief this season:

  • Moji Curve Pro Handheld Massager:  A one-of-a-kind total body massager for a one-of-a-kind loved one! Dig deep into quads, hamstrings, calves, and hips to release tense muscles. Stainless steel spheres gives user the ability to chill – offering the option of an ice massage.
  • Neck and Shoulder Kneading Massager: Melt away holiday stress and tension with the soft kneading massage heads of this hands free massager. Heat therapy provides an even deeper relaxing massage.
  • RollerMax MassagerGive the gift of rejuvenating massage this season. This bidirectional, multi-speed massager releases tightness in calves, thighs, and feet.
  • Theracane: Perfect for anyone on the go. The Theracane relieves pain and stiffness as you control the pressure to massage deep into tense muscles and knots.
  • DreamWave Massage Chair by Inada: Customized comfort is on everyone’s wish list. Increase blood flow and comfort through personalized settings to provide an at-home Shiatsu massage for the ultimate relaxation experience.

Treat your loved ones (or yourself) to something special this year. Visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with a trained specialist who can help you find the perfect gift based on specific needs. Also be sure to visit us online (www.relaxtheback.com) and on Facebook and Twitter.

Tips To Prevent Pain During The Holidays

The holidays are fully underway, which means aches and pains due to overexertion are more likely to occur. Shopping and preparing for the holidays is not only stressful but it can also contribute to unwelcome muscle pain and fatigue.

Here are a few tips to prevent pain during the holidays:

  • Stay hydrated: Water helps to lubricate and cushion joints and muscles. Inflammation and chronic muscles spasms can be linked to dehydration. Drink at least half of your body weight in ounces per day. If you weigh 150 lbs. aim to drink 75 oz. of water.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine: Don’t push aside your regular eating habits and workout routines. If you’re attending holiday parties, eat in moderation and beware of your nutritional needs. Perform gentle exercises such as these foam roller exercises to help keep muscles loose and prevent pain from happening.
  • Stress less: Anxiety and stress can creep up during these busy times. Enjoy the holidays and reduce stress with these tips.
  • Vary positions when wrapping presents: While there is no Ideal position for wrapping gifts, you should remember to vary positions as often as possible. Alternate wrapping one gift on a countertop while standing and another gift while sitting at a table. Avoid sitting on the floor to wrap gifts as this can cause unwanted aches and pains and promote poor posture.
  • Make sleep a priority: Inadequate sleep can cause pain to worsen over time. It is important to make sure you are continuing to get quality sleep during these hectic holidays. Treat yourself to an early present and ensure better sleep with these sleep products. If possible, try to sneak in a nap during the day.  You’ll increase alertness and stamina to help keep you going.

Visit us online at www.relaxtheback.com or stop by your local Relax The Back store to speak with one of our trained associates for pain relief solutions this holiday season. Enjoy Black Friday savings now through December 1st!

“Gifts of Comfort” Giveaway


‘Tis the season for giving and Relax The Back would like to give back to our community. Over the next 7 weeks we will be giving away products during our “Gifts of Comfort” Giveaway. We hope these products will help you enjoy the holidays, and beyond, in relaxation and ultimate comfort.

To enter, simply visit our Facebook page and Like or Comment on the given week’s giveaway prize to be entered to win. A new giveaway prize will be revealed every week. Winners will be selected weekly, at random, prior to the new prize being announced. You may enter as many times as you wish.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our holiday promotions and tops to stay pain-free and stress-free this holiday season! See official Terms and Conditions for more information.

Ways to Reduce Stress This Holiday Season

The start of November brings the beginning of the holiday season. The season for family time, gift giving, merriment and traveling. Unfortunately, this time can also bring up a lot of stress, anxiety, and angst. The average American will spend one standard work-week a year on holiday activities alone. Roughly 42 hours a year are spent traveling, wrapping gifts, returning gifts, shopping, and attending holiday parties. Not only can stress ruin your holidays, it can also cause harm to your physical and emotional wellbeing. This year, enjoy the holidays and reduce stress before it begins with these helpful tips:

  • Plan ahead: Whether you’re making dinner for friends and family or braving the crowds at the mall, making a list can help save time and energy. Wandering aimlessly around the grocery store or the mall can lead to back aches and foot pain. Making a list can get you in and out of stores quickly while keeping you organized during a hectic schedule.
  • Don’t abandon your daily routine: It’s important to stick with your daily habits. Make your workout schedule, meal planning, book club, etc., work with your holiday schedule not against it.
  • Say “no”: Be aware of when you are stretching yourself too thin. We often feel we have to say yes to all social engagements around the holidays. In the end, this can leave you feeling run down and stressed about the next event. Instead, make plans with friends and family soon after the holiday season winds down.
  • Set aside time for yourself: Go to your favorite workout class, read a book, soak in a warm bath or listen to soothing music. Make sure you are taking time to relax and de-stress.
  • Add stress-relieving products to your wish list: Ask for gifts that relieve pain and provide comfort and relaxation. For great gifts for the man, woman, or recent grads in your life take a look at Gifts of Comfort for Moms and Grads and Gift Ideas for Dads.

We hope these tips help you have a stress-free and pain-free holiday season with friends and family. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter or visit your local Relax The Back store for more holiday gift ideas.

Importance of Stretching

While we all know that regular exercise is important for our overall health, stretching is often an overlooked part of our routine. And for those with back pain, the benefits of stretching are far too important to neglect whether you’re active or sedentary. Here’s why you should stretch:

  1. Flexibility: The spine is a complex structure comprised of muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones. Stretching helps keep all the parts flexible and in good working order. Rather than being stiff and less mobile, you’ll have an increased range of motion to ensure good posture, balance and normal/proper movement.
  2. Stress-relief: Stretching helps relieve tension and can make you feel relaxed. Use it as a way to not only relax your body but also your mind.  You’ll be more focused and better able to manage stress that could result in back pain.
  3. Painrelief and prevention: Stretching improves the flexibility of surrounding lower back muscles, reducing lower back pain and muscle soreness. The combination of flexible muscles and increased range of movement prevents injury trigger points that would otherwise remain. 

Now that you know about the importance of stretching for spinal and overall health, consider incorporating it more into your exercise routines. It’s an important way to prepare the muscles for vigorous activities. That’s why stretching exercises should also be done before and after a workout to prevent muscle strain and soreness and to help avoid injuries. For spine stretches, consider using our Lumbar Extender Plus. Or for more information on how to stretch using proper technique, try our definitive book or see our trained associates in-store for recommendations tailored to your physical needs and abilities.