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Staying Healthy For The Holidays

November brings the beginning of the holiday season. It’s time for cheerfulness, gift giving, seeing friends and family, and taking time off work to travel. However, this time of year can also bring a lot of stress. Did you know the average American spends one standard work-week a year on holiday activities alone? That’s roughly 42 hours a year spent on shopping, traveling, wrapping gifts, returning gifts, going to holiday parties, and prepping for holiday parties.

Staying healthy during the holidays can be done. While the stress and demand of the holidays can take a toll on your body, there are ways to maintain a positive physical, mental, and emotional state. This year, enjoy the holidays and keep stress at bay with these helpful tips.

  • Get enough rest: Inadequate sleep can leave you feeling irritable, weaken your immune system, and worsen the feeling of pain. Treat yourself to an early gift and ensure you’re getting the best night’s rest with these sleep products.
  • Careful when carrying heavy bags: Lift luggage and heavy shopping bags in stages. Be sure to never twist when lifting heavy bags. Pivot your feet so your entire body moves together, in one direction, instead of only twisting your back. See other ways to stay pain free when traveling this holiday.
  • Stay hydrated: Dehydration can be a serious problem, especially around the holidays. When the temperature drops, we may feel that we do not need water as much but that is quite the opposite. Aim to drink half of your body weight in ounces each day. For instance, if you weigh 150 lbs., try to drink 75 oz. of water.
  • Plan ahead: Whether you’re heading to the mall, doing your shopping online, or making dinner for friends and family, make a list to save you time and energy. Lists will help keep you organized while avoiding unnecessary time on your feet spent aimlessly walking around.
  • Don’t abandon your daily routine: It’s important to both your physical and mental wellbeing to stick with your daily habits. Continue your workout schedule, meal planning, and so on. Make these habits work with your holiday schedule, not against it.
  • Set aside time for yourself: This means being okay with saying “no” to events and plans that we know will cause more stress than cheerfulness. Use this time to take your favorite workout class, soak in a warm bath, get a massage. Add one of our many massage products to your gift list, or treat yourself early, so you can relax at home and feel the benefits of massage whenever you need it.

We hope these tips help you have a stress-free and pain-free holiday season with friends and family. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter or visit your local Relax The Back store for more holiday gift ideas.

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