Don’t Shop Till You Drop: 4 Quick Tips for a Pain-Free Shopping Season

Top Tips for Pain-Free Holiday ShoppingThe holidays are here, and so is the shopping frenzy. Although strolling through stores can be fun, lugging heavy shopping bags or hunching over to wrap gifts can strain your back or neck. Before you head to the mall, follow these quick tips to avoid soreness in your joints or muscles.


  • Make an organized list – Don’t wander aimlessly around the store until your feet and back hurts. Create an itemized list and go after them. Also, don’t hesitate to ask staff where to find a particular item. It will save you time, energy, and wear and tear on your joints and muscles.


  • Wear comfortable shoes – Walking around the mall for hours in high heels or crumbling running shoes is not good for your feet or your back. Wear comfortable clothes or walking shoes in good condition. When you’re crossing the parking lot loaded with retail bounty, you’ll appreciate a pair of quality footwear.


  • Take advantage of free wrapping – If free wrapping is offered with your purchases, take it. It will save you time and help you avoid hunching over to wrap your gifts later.


  • Gift wrapping tips – If you do decide to wrap gifts yourself, create a “wrapping station.” Keep wrapping paper, bows, ribbons, scissors, tape, cards, pens, and anything else you need within an arm’s length. That way you can comfortably wrap gifts without having to reach, which can strain your back or neck. For best results, wrap your gifts while standing at the kitchen table. Standing promotes movement and good posture.


If you’re still experiencing pain or just want extra comfort during the holiday season, please stop by one of our stores or visit us online at Because even Santa’s helpers can use a little help!
Happy Holidays!

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