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De-stressing After the Holidays

The holidays are meant to provide much needed down-time and relaxation, but they often leave us more tired than rejuvenated. All the get-togethers, shopping, travel, excessive eating, and cold weather can take its toll on our bodies. If you find yourself feeling more stressed after all the merry-making is over, here are our tips for de-stressing after the holidays:

You’ve been around family and friends the past several weeks, so schedule some time to pamper yourself. Rent your favorite movie and watch it in bed with our portable Neck & Shoulder Massager. Or opt for a full-body massage at the convenience of your own home whenever you want with one of our massage chairs. Whatever you find relaxing and enjoyable, make it a priority.

In addition to massages, take care of your body by physically recharging with exercise. If the cold weather makes going for your usual run difficult, try non-extreme winter sports like ice-skating at your local rink. Also take advantage of at-home/indoor exercises like stretching with our FitBall Gym Ball.

Eliminate all the clutter from last year by taking the time to clean, reorganize, and plan. Examine your house, work desk, and car to see where you can make improvements, including throwing away papers you no longer need and reorganizing your closet. Aiming for tidiness will reduce the chaos in your life, leaving you prepared to reach your new year’s resolutions and goals.