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How To Relax On National Relaxation Day

Summer is the perfect time for some R&R. National Relaxation Day is August 15th, and we believe that relaxation is the key ingredient in staying both happy and healthy. The day was founded all the way back in 1985 by Sean Moeller, who wanted to remind people about the importance of taking the time to slow things down and relax.

If you’re looking for a few ways to boost your mood and relax, here are some suggestions.

  • Listening to music: Not only is music a calming presence, it’s also a great way to reduce stress and even lower your blood pressure.
  • Going for a swim: Whether it’s at the public pool or your local gym, swimming is a low-impact exercise that will both cool you off and raise your self-esteem.
  • Pick up gardening. Studies show that a hobby such as gardening can help improve your mood, and spending the day in the fresh air surrounded by nature is always recommended.
  • Reading a book: Reading gives your brain a workout and is especially good for melting away stress. If you like reading in bed, try using Riter’s Real-Ease Neck Support, as it holds the head up which reduces strain on the neck muscles.
  • Plan a picnic: Surrounding yourself with great people and a basket of healthy, delicious food will toss all of your worries to the side and help put things in perspective.
  • Go to the movies: Spending a couple of hours in a dark, air-conditioned room is the perfect escape from all of your problems – and a great way to spend some time with family!

Another way to achieve long-lasting comfort and relaxation is through neutral posture. Spine-friendly furniture such as the Human Touch Perfect Chair allow you to easily sink into neutral posture to help you fully relax and decompress. By properly aligning our body, our bones, rather than our muscles, are supporting our weight. This is our bodies preferred state.

At Relax The Back, we understand the importance of staying happy, healthy and comfortable. This National Relaxation Day, make sure to set aside some time for yourself and enjoy the day!

What is Zero-Gravity?

Ever wonder why some of our chairs are called “Zero-Gravity”? The zero-gravity position refers to the way astronauts are positioned in their space shuttle chair for take off and landing. This neutral position helps distribute the effects of gravity across the body as evenly as possible, helping astronauts deal with the problems of intense and sudden compressional forces.


This “Neutral Posture” concept developed by NASA applies to wellness therapy as well. By assuming this position with your legs raised above the heart, the effects of gravity are neutralized – your muscles can rest and your spinal discs decompress and return to their normal size and shape. You also experience the following benefits:

  • Less pressure on the spine
  • Reduced muscle tension
  • Less pressure on the heart and expanded lung capacity
  • Increased circulation and increased blood oxygen levels

Our zero-gravity recliners and massage chairs are ergonomically designed and engineered to put you in this ideal posture. Whether reading, relaxing, or watching TV, we recommend one of our best sellers, the Human Touch Perfect Chair. And through September 17th, purchase a Perfect Chair and receive a FREE Premium Leather Pad set upgrade (a $500 value).  See and experience for yourself why customers cite a sense of weightlessness and heightened relaxation. Yes, we’re that sure that a chair really can change your life.

REVIEW: Human Touch Perfect Chair – PC6

The Human Touch Perfect Chair is boldly named. A chair that’s “perfect”? It sounds as trite as “100% satisfaction guaranteed” or “new and improved.” But, after a week of actually sitting in one, I can honestly say there’s something to it.

The Perfect Chair is in a category we refer to as zero gravity chairs.  They got that name because they operate on ergonomic principles developed by NASA. The aerospace scientists were looking for ways to prevent their astronauts from being crushed by gravity during shuttle launch. In the traditional upright sitting position, the forces of gravity are concentrated on the spine, creating enormous pressure.

To counteract this, the scientists developed the “zero gravity position,” in which the feet are raised above the spine, allowing gravity to be dispersed more evenly throughout the body. This reduces pressure points and is why zero gravity chairs offer a deeper, more relaxing kind of comfort.

When you sit in one, you can feel the difference. The old, familiar feeling of sitting in a regular chair, with hips and spine at an uncomfortable 90 degree angle, is completely absent. Instead, in the zero gravity position, your heart doesn’t have to work as hard to pump blood throughout the body. Your circulation flows with gravity instead of against it. You will also notice that the chair’s back is slanted slightly away from the seat, which encourages an open thigh-torso angle.  Positioning the pelvis as well as aligning and stabilizing the lumbar spine is important to establish “neutral posture,” which is the body’s most natural position. The perfect chair achieves this effortlessly, insuring maximum comfort and pain relief.

The benefit of “neutral posture” is that it creates a relaxed, dreamy feeling that, for me at least, induces sleep in a matter of minutes. The reduced pressure on your back, shoulders, neck, and spine means your muscles don’t have to work as hard supporting your body. Again, this “neutral posture” position makes it easier for your body to relax, reducing strain and fatigue.

Perfect chairs have a nontraditional design. They don’t look like regular chairs, with sleek angles, curving along the chair and leg rest. Another difference is that they are made of 100% renewable, plantation grown wood from the Para Rubber tree. Although they have a nontraditional design, zero gravity chairs are designed for superior comfort.

You may also notice that, in comparison to other chairs, they have less padding. The reason for this is that they don’t need it. Padding does not always equal comfort. Zero gravity chairs do not need a foot of cushioned material because they put the body in its most natural, “neutral” posture.

They are built to conform to the body, rather than the other way around.