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Travel Pain-Free This Summer

Summer vacations are in full swing. Whether you are traveling with kids, your partner, friends, or alone, pain and flare-ups can inconvenience your plans. Long car rides, bumpy flights, and unforgiving seats cause back and leg muscles to stiffen, in addition to putting unnecessary stress on the spine.

Pain shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying some much needed time off. Wherever it is you are going, follow these simple steps to reduce aches and stress so you can enjoy your travels.

  • Keep moving: Maintaining your workout routine, even a modified version, as well as stretching often, will help keep your muscles loose and circulation flowing. Pack a handheld massager or foam roller to work out knots and tense muscles caused by prolonged sitting. Our Theracane is also a great portable tool.
  • Pack lightly: Instead of packing one heavy, large suitcase, pack two smaller bags. This will make lifting bags overhead into airplane bins, and in and out of the car, much easier.
  • Lift properly: Lift luggage slowly and in stages. Avoid twisting by pivoting your feet so your entire body moves in the same direction. Twisting is a common cause of lower back injuries.
  • Bring support: Airline seats and even some car seats do not offer adequate lumbar support. Pack an inflatable back cushion, such as our Self-Inflating Back Rest, to easily and quickly add support. Bring a U-Shaped Travel Pillow whenever you’re traveling to help you rest comfortably.
  • Grab your pillow: When traveling, we often sleep on pillows that are not our own. They may not have the support you need for your body type, which leads to pain. Bring a pillow that is fit to your body type. The ContourSide Pillow comes in two travel sizes for a better fit.

6 Cooling Products For Everyday Use


While the summer months are beginning to wind down, the heat and humidity don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. Warm weather can worsen pain symptoms and make it difficult to sleep, work, and relax.

Find respite and relief from the hot summer weather, or year-round if you’re naturally hot, with these cooling gel products.

  • Technogel Anatomic Pillow: Always sleep on the cool side of the pillow. A layer of cooling gel relieves pressure on your head and neck for ergonomic support throughout the night. The design of the Anatomic pillow also alleviates neck, back, and shoulder pain.
  • Technogel Standing Mate: Enjoy the benefits of standing with the added bonus of cool, comfortable support that provides ergonomic relief for your feet, legs, and back.
  • Technogel Living Seat Supports: Take Technogel’s cooling gel relief on the road. This seat support helps you sit comfortably, longer, making those long commutes easier on your body.
  • PureRelax Zoned Gel Topper by Relax The Back: Gel infused memory foam dissipates heat away from the body while providing support and comfort where you need it most.
  • ChiliPad: Do you and your partner prefer different sleep temperatures? The ChiliPad allows you to control the temperature on your side of the bed with the touch of a button. Sleep cool while your partner stays warm.
  • TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme Breeze: Cool your body from head to toe with an extra plush layer that draws heat away from your body. TEMPUR-Pedic’s signature adaptive support layer underneath molds around your body’s shape for a customized sleep experience.

Visit your local Relax The Back store to test out each of these products and feel the immediate cooling effect. Comfort and relief are a visit away.

Relaxation Inspiration Photo Contest

This summer, Relax the Back wants to inspire you to add more relaxation into your life. One way we’re trying is through our Relaxation Inspiration contest via Facebook, encouraging fans to submit a photo of their favorite vacation or relaxing moment. For the months of June and July, we picked one inspiring image each and the winners received any one Relax The Back product up to a $300 value. With August almost coming to an end, here’s your final chance to inspire our community to relax. Like our Facebook page and enter your photo today to win. Or take a look at prior photos and become inspired today. We promise, the pictures are worth it!

Jennifer, June winner

Michael, July winner