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Live Well, Give Well: The Gift of Massage

The season of giving is upon us. This year, give your loved ones gifts that will help them live a better life. Massage products are the perfect gifts that will provide lasting comfort and relaxation long after the holidays have passed.

Massage therapy benefits go beyond relaxation and relief from sore muscles. Getting massages regularly is key to preventive care and maintaining overall health and wellness. With these products, your loved ones (or yourself) will improve sleep quality, feel less stressed, increase circulation, and improve flexibility and range of motion, to name a few of the benefits. Your loved ones will be able to feel like the best version of themselves; mentally, physically, and emotionally.

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Here are a few of our favorite massage products to help you live well and give well this holiday season.

  • Kneading Back Massage Cushion: Give the gift of a relaxing back massage anytime. Heated kneading massagers deliver instant back tension relief and soothing relaxation.
  • Haven Foot Massager: For the loved ones who are always on their feet. Rejuvenating rollers, kneading air massage, optional deep heat therapy, and two tension relieving-programs will give tired feet a treat.
  • Mini Pro Handheld Massager: Perfect for those on the go. Pop these in the freezer to enjoy a beneficial ice massage.
  • Theracane Max: This targeted massager eliminates knots in tense muscles. Its portable size makes it great for traveling.
  • Therapeutic Kneading Massager: Sooth muscles with infrared heat. Soft handles help you position the massager where you need it most.
  • Human Touch Novo XT Massage Chair: Relax in our Novo XT massage chair which helps you prepare for, and recover from, strenuous workouts and work days. Make sure to ask our associates about our 48-month financing options.

Treat yourself or your loved ones to something special this year. Visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with a trained associate who can help you find the perfect gift based on your specific needs. We give our customers one-on-one support to ensure they are going home with the best product solutions for themselves or someone in their life. Visit us online at RelaxTheBack.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more holiday tips and gift guides.

Simple Relaxation Techniques for Stress and Pain Relief

Most pain relief treatments often ignore or pay little attention to psychological factors, so in honor of yesterday being National Relaxation Day, Relax The Back wants to highlight a few basic relaxation techniques to help bring you back into balance. We understand that when hectic lifestyles and debilitating pain get you down, it can be difficult to abide by the conventional wisdom of staying positive for a speedy recovery. Here are some simple techniques you can practice to help improve your state of mind:

  • Take deep breaths – Inhale so that your abdomen or lower belly expands. If you notice your chest rising, this is indicative of shallow breathing. Start over, breathe in, and fill your lungs from the bottom to the top.
  • Visualization – Imagine your peaceful place as vividly as you can, trying to engage all of your senses. Visually walk around the scene, hearing the noises, smelling the flora, feeling the air, etc. Even if you don’t have the luxury to physically get away, you can give your mind a change of pace by practicing visualization.
  • Body Scan – Lie on your back, arms relaxed by your side, eyes open or closed. Engage in deep breathing to relax and turn your focus to every inch of your body, starting at your right foot and slowly working your way up your right side to the tip of your head and back down the left. Pay attention to any tense muscles or pain, and observe how your body feels.
  • Music – Listen to your favorite song to turn your attitude around or a calming tune with a slow tempo to align your heartbeat. Classical tunes and artists with soothing voices help do the trick. Visit our Facebook page for song suggestions every Monday that are sure to put you in a good mood or help you relax.
  • Self-Massage – When your crazy schedule leaves you no time for a visit to a massage therapist, give yourself a massage using out best-selling Theracane or the Dolphin Lite Handheld Massager. A self-massage can help you release tension and relax without hurting your wallet.

Take the time to find what techniques work for you. It only takes a few minutes to refocus your attention, but you’ll be reaping the benefits for far longer when you’re in a healthy state of mind.