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Live Well, Give Well: The Gift Of A Better Work Life

Show your loved ones how much you care by helping them improve their work life with ergonomic office products.  Movement and proper support in the office leads to increased energy levels throughout the day, better productivity, greater flexibility, and reduced muscle tension and strain. Whether you wrap up a few ergonomic workstation accessories or update your loved ones desk setup with a Stand Up Desk, everyone on your list is sure to enjoy and benefit from these great products.

Give the gift of comfort and productivity with some of our favorite ergonomic office products:

  • Ultimate Executive Chair: Give ergonomic support and comfort all year long. Customize your loved one’s chair to match their personality for the perfect gift.
  • Desk Lamp: Help reduce eye fatigue, neck strain, and headaches with targeted illumination over work documents.
  • Humanscale QuickStand Adjustable Workstation: Give the gift of flexibility in the workplace. This adjustable workstation clamps to any fixed-height desk surface and allows for customized height so that friends and family can sit or stand comfortably while working.
  • Rocking Footrest: Keep feet moving for lasting relief. Improve circulation and properly align spine, to hip, to knee alignment to reduce strain.
  • Extended Reach Monitor Arm: Effortlessly adjust the monitor to the proper height for comfort all day long. Adjustable height helps to reduce upper back and neck strain.
  • AdaptDesk by Relax The Back: Freedom to move easily from sitting to standing, now that’s a gift that keeps on giving. This ergonomic standing desk rises and falls with the touch of a button to quickly transition position while working.

Visit your local Relax The Back store to speak with a trained associate who can help you find the perfect gift based on specific needs. We give our customers one-on-one support to ensure they are going home with the best product solutions for themselves or someone in their life. Visit us online at RelaxTheBack.com and on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest for more holiday tips and gift guides.

How To Set Up Your Ergonomic Cockpit

Movement and proper support in the workplace is essential to having a productive, pain-free day. Our bodies were made to move however, many Americans are sitting roughly 8 hours a day. That adds up to 56 hours a week of staying in the same position.

When we do not have the proper setup that promotes ergonomic comfort and movement, arm, hand, and shoulder fatigue caused by over exertion can occur as well as stress on limbs due to awkward positions, and musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure your workspace is properly set up and adjusted to provide the most comfort and support throughout the day.

ergonomic cockpit

Setting up your ergonomic cockpit

An ergonomic workstation should minimize awkward postures and exertions, allow for proper placement of all necessary computer accessories, and provide proper clearance for your legs. Think of your desk as a cockpit, similar to an airplane or a car. All of your essential pieces of office equipment should be within arm’s reach to prevent unnecessary movement and strain.

Use these three key points as a guide for setting up an ergonomic cockpit:

  • Align the bottom of your monitor and the spacebar on the keyboard with the midline of the body.
  • Equipment you use most often, such as your computer mouse and keyboard, should be closest to you in the primary work area. This primary work area allows your wrists and palms to always maintain neutral posture.
  • Tools used less often should remain within arm’s reach however, these can be placed slightly farther away, just past the primary work area. It’s important to remember all tools should never be too far away as to cause exertion or strain when reaching for them.

Relax The Back has a number of product solutions that will help you setup your ergonomic cockpit.

  • Ergonomic office chairs improve your posture and make it easy for you to work by supporting your lumbar, back, and arms.
  • Adjustable standing desks relieve stress on your back and legs and help you avoid feelings of lethargy and fatigue.
  • Ergonomic footrests increase blood flow and circulation throughout your body to prevent discomfort or stiffness.

Our trained ergonomic experts can work with you to create the ultimate workstation. Visit your local Relax The Back location and with our help, we will find the products that work best for your current office situation and pain needs.

High Tech Office Ergonomics

High Tech Office ErgonomicsWith 33% of work-related injuries being caused by poor workstation setup, it is no surprise that many offices are beginning to move away from traditional setups to workstations focused on providing proper ergonomic support.

Studies have shown we are sitting, on average, 56 hours a week. Regardless if you maintain an active lifestyle outside of work, you can still be susceptible to pains and discomfort from sitting for prolonged periods of time. Creating a comfortable, ergonomic workstation plays a big role in your physical health, stress, energy, and productivity levels.

High Tech Ergonomics

Today, ergonomic products are evolving to keep up with the high tech advances of society. Most recently, a former Apple engineer and his company, Stir Works, released the first ever height adaptive “smart” desk. The Stir Kinetic Desk was created to help users effortlessly move while they work throughout the day. When we’re spending half of our waking hours at work, it is important to invest in your health.

  • Learns: This desk senses your presence while working and keeps track of your daily movements. It begins to adapt to your specific needs the more you use it. By tracking your habits, it is able to customize moving from sitting to standing to benefit you best. Stir focuses on keeping you active, so you can focus on working.
  • Breathes: Known as the “whisper breath”, the Stir Kinetic gently rises and falls to remind you to move. This breath invites and reminds people to move throughout the day. This physical engagement is a gentle push in getting people to be more active at their desks.
  • Quantifies: While it tracks your daily movements and habits, the Stir Kinetic Desk shares information with you regarding how much you sit, stand while working and extra calories burned through it’s touchscreen pad.

While a high tech ergonomic desk can help make a difference in your health, a desk alone will not solve all of the problems associated with poor workstation setup. From your monitor arms, to your mouse and keyboard setup, to your desk light, the positions of your workstation equipment play a role in helping you stay comfortable and pain-free. Think of your desk as a cockpit, similar to your car or an airplane. All of your essential pieces of equipment should be within arm’s reach to prevent unnecessary movement and straining. Be sure to have enough space on your desk to move freely without forcing awkward postures or exertions.


Setting Up an Ergonomic Workstation

Setting Up an Ergonomic WorkstationIf you are one of the many Americans who suffer from daily pain and discomfort at the office, your workstation setup may be to blame. Fortunately, with proper ergonomics, you can reduce the risk of pain and discomfort and improve productivity while staying comfortable at the office.

Follow this guide to be on your way to a healthier workstation.


Monitors should be arms distance away, at least 20 inches, and the center of your screen should reach eye level. Keeping the proper distance will help reduce eye fatigue and headaches. Monitor arms allow you to effortlessly adjust the position and height of your monitor to reduce strain in your upper back and neck. If working on a laptop, a laptop raiser is a quick and easy option to find comfort and ergonomic positioning.


Reduce low back pressure, increase blood flow and circulation, and counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting with a footrest. When sitting or standing, maintaining movement in your legs with a footrest can help keep you comfortable throughout the day.

Task Light

When it comes to your light level, aim for brightness of a nice day without sunglasses on. Place lights over paper documents and away from your monitor to prevent glare. Light levels and placement play a role in reducing headaches, eye fatigue, and neck strain.


If using a keyboard tray, your keyboard should be slightly below the elbow. Be sure to keep the keyboard flat and your wrists in neutral position to avoid strain.

Ergonomic Office Chair

Your office chair should have a high back to support your upper back, a slightly reclined backrest, and arm rests at a 90-degree angle. Be sure to have your feet resting flat on the floor or on a footrest below your desk. Lumbar support should be placed slightly below the waist.

Standing Desk

Our bodies are not meant to stay seated or standing for prolonged periods of time. If possible, include an adjustable standing desk in your ergonomic workstation. The top of your desk should reach your elbows when they are in a 90-degree position. Transitioning from sitting to standing throughout the day can improve mental alertness, increase circulation, and relieve stress on your spine.

For more information, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter or visit your local Relax The Back location to get an ergonomic office assessment from one of our trained neck-and-spine experts.



Healthy Workspace, Healthy You

Healthy Workspace, Healthy YouThis week we are kicking off our Healthy Workspace, Healthy You campaign! When half of our waking hours are spent working, it’s important to invest in a healthy workspace. Creating a comfortable, ergonomic workstation will help increase your productivity levels, decrease your risk for work-related pains and discomforts, and improve your overall health and wellness.

Over the next 8 weeks we will be providing you pain-relief solutions that can help you create a productive, pain-free, and healthy workspace. We will also be highlighting the numerous benefits of ergonomic workstations so you can be on your way to a healthier you!

Follow along on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and our blog for around the clock tips and pain relief solutions.

5 New Year’s Resolutions for a Healthier Spine

If 2012 was marred by back and neck pain, add these 5 resolutions to your list. Remember, your spine connects many nerves, muscles and ligaments throughout the body, making spinal health key to your overall health.

1. Resolve to cherish sleep
While sleeping, your spine finally has an opportunity to relax and repair itself. Try sleeping in a neutral position on your back or on the side to avoid forcing any extra curves into your back. Make sure you have a supportive pillow and mattress to properly and comfortably sleep in a neutral position. This way, your body can take full advantage of restorative sleep and more easily be able to relax.

2. Resolve to stretch
Tight muscles can cause imbalances in bodily structure, increasing the risk of injury and causing pain. In particular, tight muscles around the spine cause spinal stress instead of providing adequate spinal support. Also, tight hamstrings can pull the pelvis out of its normal alignment with the spine, causing back and joint pain. Consider stretching your spine via inversion therapy – effective and only takes a couple minutes.

3. Resolve to be active
Different types of exercise protect the spine in different ways. For example, abdominal exercises strengthen the core area, which support and protect the spine. Cardio helps shed extra weight that drags down on ligaments, muscles, and tendons of the lower back. Exercise helps the healing process, so for those sidelined by injury, make it a priority to stay active within your physical means.

4. Resolve to create a spine-healthy work environment
For full-time office workers, lower back pain may be a result of poor workplace ergonomics. From sitting on a chair with good back support to avoiding prolonged sitting, all systems, levels, and angles must work together for an ergonomic workstation. For more information, check out our infographic on how to design your workspace for maximum movement, flexibility, comfort, and productivity.

5. Resolve to stay hydrated
We all know water is vital, but don’t underestimate its importance to the spine. Our spinal discs can shrink over time if they don’t get enough water, resulting in less “padding” and increased likelihood of spinal ruptures or bulges. Resolve to choose water as your accompanying beverage of choice at meals, and sip liberally throughout the day.

Is Your Workspace a Pain in the Back?

Is your workspace designed for maximum movement, flexibility, comfort and productivity? Relax The Back believes that work should never be a pain. Visit your local store and ask our trained neck-and-spine experts how to construct an ergonomic office. If you’re far from one our locations, check out these important guidelines and conduct your own ergonomic assessment:

Relax The Back Ergonomic Office Setup