The McKenzie Method for Back and Neck Pain

mckenzie method

Robin McKenzie, a pioneer of musculoskeletal disorders and their treatment, believed that self-treatment was the best way to achieve long lasting improvement of neck, back, and extremity disorders. In 1950, he developed the McKenzie Method of Mechanical Diagnostics and Therapy (MDT). The McKenzie Method is recognized worldwide as the standard for managing pain as well as the basis on which Relax The Back was founded. This system consists of the following:

  • Assessment: A well-defined algorithm leads to simple classification of spinal-related disorders and is unique to MDT. Disorders are addressed according to their unique nature with mechanical procedures utilizing movement and positions.
  • Treatment: In order to restore function and independence, minimize visits to the clinic and diminish pain quickly, MDT uniquely emphasizes active patient involvement and education.
  • Preventive measure: Educating patients to self-treat the present problem minimizes the risk of relapse and gives patients the skills to manage the pain themselves when symptoms occur.

We offer an assortment of books to help you take control of your neck and back pain. Our books focus on the McKenzie Method; providing pain relief techniques to help relieve soreness and pain no matter where you are.

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